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Je rijbewijs haal je in deze lesauto's.During the driving lessons we come across many different pupils. Everyone needs a different kind of approach and less or more lessons to learn the skills of driving. 

We find it important to find the best program for you, so we can help you to pass your driving exam as soon as possible. This is why we offer you a free first driving lesson to find that out which program suits you best. The English driving lessons are only given in the Bollenstreek area.

Fast pupil20 tot 30 lessons
Standard pupil30 tot 40 lessons
Not standard pupil40 tot 50 lessons





The price per lesson is 49 euro. We recommend to check our package deals:  

 Package deal A

€ 1959,-

30 driving lessons, price per lesson €45
A trial test
Driving exam
Theory training
Theory book + theorie exam
Learning faster by use of a lescam


Package deal B

€ 1405,-

Trial test
Driving exam
20 driving lessons, price per lesson €46
Learning faster by use of a lescam

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